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Hayd Tuhr Istihadah Nifaas Pregnancy Habit

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Traditional scholarship at your fingertips

From the ground up, our app has been infused in traditional scholarship under the guidance of a Mufti, specialized in the fiqh of women-related Masaail. From the many works in the Hanafi Madhhab, it was decided since inception to leverage the comprehensive work of Imaam Muhammad Birgivi on the subject matter:

ذخر المتأهلين والنساء في تعريف الأطهار و الدماء

as well as its various commentaries, such as 'Allamah Shaami's famous commentary:

منهل الواردين من بحار الفيض، على ذخر المتأهلين في مسائل الحيض

These are monumental works in the Hanafi Madhhab, and are the foundational texts taught in Islamic seminaries around the world.

How can you know that the app is reliable? You don’t have to take our word for it! Feel free to share a link of your anonymous calendar with your scholar of choice to check if the app has made the correct calculations.



Our app is perfect for every stage of a Muslim woman's life journey, from the first menstruation until menopause. Whether you are just married, a recent convert to Islam, pregnant, or postpartum: each woman’s experience is unique, and our app is designed to reflect that.

Are you a parent guiding your daughter along this journey? Our app is designed to make this easier for you, with personalized features that allow you to stay informed and involved in your daughter's menstrual cycle. You can receive notifications when she inputs new information or if she hasn't been active on the app lately. This will help ensure she is tracking her menstruation and praying at the correct times. You can also be rest assured that your child will never come across ads or sexual content that are common in other period tracking apps.

With features tailored to meet your individual needs, this app will be your guide and trusted companion when you need to navigate menstruation anomalies! Say goodbye to generic period trackers that don't consider the unique experiences of Muslim women, and say Marhaba(welcome) to a personalized tracker that is just right for you.


Because you are worth it!

Celebrate the beauty of womanhood with an aesthetically pleasing design that communicates instantly all the information you need to practice upon your religious sentiments!

Behold, a day view of someone who is experiencing her Hayd(menstruation) so she knows that this is her special day


Contrast this when she is in her Tuhr(purity). Take note of how the icons communicate that this is a day where she is to observe her obligatory prayers


And sometimes, life can be complicated. This day view depicts that although she has experienced a bleeding on that day, that she is to ignore it(Istihadah) and treat it as a regular day


Explore your history from month to month, so you can see at an eye-glance when certain rulings have been applied and more importantly, why!


Security as a first class citizen!

We take your security very seriously. From the early days, our vision was to make this App safe for our own daughters. For your safety, privacy and security, we have made it a point to separate any personal identifying information, such as your email, date of birth from any of the menstruation-related data that is being submitted to the app and have it managed by an independent identity service,, which securely stores such data.

The advantage of this seperation of concerns is that in order to obtain a complete picture of a user, 2 seperate systems with their own high standards of securtiy need to be compromised. For instance, in the unlikely event if this app were to ever get compromised, at most what would get leaked are frequencies of menstruation events that belong to user 12345. No email, date of birth would be associated with such a user. Likewise, if were to ever get compromised, they would encounter a database where your email is securely encrypted, and they would have 0 access to any of the menstruation bleedings you may submit as they are stored independently by this app.

Concerning privacy, we do not want to sell any of your data as is being done with so many "freemium" period trackers out there. This in itself fundamentally eliminates any motivation to track a user's behaviour across different websites.


And so much more!

Ovulation tracking to optimize your chances of getting pregnant

Take notes in the app as your personal diary

Keep track of your mood